Go Behind The Scenes

Non-stop music videos at your business
with Pushcast Music

Thousands of music videos

From the latest hits — to 1960's classics — in every genre imaginable

Choose what you want to play, or have Pushcast match the music to your business


Music videos play back-to-back, without interruption— zero buffering, and zero ads

Control from anywhere, live

Change what's playing right now — or make playlists for later — using our intuitive Behind The Scenes web app; on your phone, tablet, or computer

Simple setup

At your business' location, Pushcast Music runs on an Apple Mac mini computer

The Mac just needs a connection to: power, your sound system & screens, and the internet

Branding Optional

Your logo can appear overlaid, as standard, with more extensive customisation available

Interactivity Optional

Tweets mentioning your business' Twitter account can animate —live— across the the screen

Tweets appear instantly, or you can choose to manually approve each one